Wrong contact lenses prescription? Should I sue them?

She's been wearing a 20/40 contacts when its supposed to be 20/20 (she had 3 pack and each pack contains 3 pairs of contacts lasts 1 month) its from her previous eye doctor, so today she went to a new doctor and they checked her contacts and they saw that the contacts we're 20/40 and her eyes dont have the same vision but on her contacts it was both 20/40 left n right… Her new doctor said, it could have damaged her eyes more if she had not went there,(By the way shes astigmatism)… So if we sue them? Will she win? Or its enough to sue them? Even tho it could have damaged her eyes more.

You can sue anyone for any reason. But in a case like this, you need to take to an attorney who specializes in these types of cases. I doubt she'll win. They may settle out of court at best.

First of all, wearing glasses or contacts that you don't need won't cause you to need glasses, you might get headaches, eyestrain or have trouble seeing, but won't cause any permanent damage.

Also, to win any significant money in a law suit, she would have to prove she sustained some kind of documentable damages. She would also have to prove the doctor was negligent, since people's vision can change over time, the doctor can just claim, at the time he checked her vision, it was 20/40 and he prescribed the appropriate contacts for her vision, at the time.

You've probably heard on the news about lawsuits where somebody is suing somebody else for some fantastic amount of money but, most of these absurd lawsuits ultimately are settled for a tiny fraction of what the original amount was (you never hear this part on the news).