Why is my contact lenses falling out?

This is how I put it. I open my eye, put on my contact, roll around my eyes, then blink then I feel it and it fold and comes out. Why? Can anybody help me? Thank you very much.

Before you roll your eyes around, try and make sure there are so air bubbles anywhere. And don't roll yoir eyes too fast or violently cuz that will just cause more bubbles which makes it fall out. At least that's what it was for me. Now I don't even roll my eyes, I just blink & the air bubbles go away:) hope this helped!:)

Make sure they're not toooo wet when you put them in, but not too dry either. Also, is it uncomfortable? If so make sure the contacts aren't dirty or inside-out. That only happens to me if I take out an old contact and then try to put it immediately back in.

If you are using disposal lenses, have you been wearing them longer than the recommended time-frame, -e.g. You have 1 month lenses and you have been using them for 2 months. If that is the case, then I suggest using a new pack of lenses. I had this happen to me and that was the cause. I usually try to extend the life of my lenses, but eventually they become unusable.

You haven't got it into your eye properly to start off with. Rolling round your eyes isn't part of a method. If you get it onto the centre of your eye properly then it wont' fall out. Sounds like you're not geting it dead centre on the eye.