Why cant you sleep wearing contacts?

My doctor said not to sleep while wearing contact lenses (and not to swim either). Why?

I know for sleeping its because your eyes get dry, so it makes them Really hard to take out, but I'm not sure for swimming.

Its just bad luck.

like walking under a ladder.

Because the possibility of the contacts to get stuck inside your eye ball is very high

Your eyes dry out, get sore, and its harder to remove the lenses.
If you do end up sleeping with them in, take them out ASAP the next morning.
And it helps to have a bottle of eyedrops to get your eyes moist again, it makes the contacts
easier to remove when your eyes have gone dry

I've worn contacts for about 20 years? Soft. One astigmatic. If you swim in them and open your eyes underwater, you're likely to lose one or both. Just as taking a shower and rubbing your eyes while you do so. Sleeping with them in is dangerous because you are increasing your risk for developing an infection. Whether it be as simple as conjunctivitis (pink eye) or Uveitits which is FAR more serious… You are making your eyes more prone to these by sleeping in contacts. I've had both happen and I have residual scarring on my cornea in my right eye from the Uveitits. I woke up in the middle of the night and was in the ER within minutes and it still caused that much damage. My vision will never be the same as it was a year ago. Like 20/10. Now it's not even close, even corrected. I almost didn't pass the test to get my DL renewed. I'll admit, I've been tired and lazy over the years several times over the years and it hasn't always ended well. :( Just personal experience. I learned that you take your eyesight for granted… Until you lose it.

Its coz your eyes get dry during the night and naturally they move around and as they dry, the lens could get stuck and you wont be able to open your eyes properly coz its stuck and you need heaps of eye drops.

Plus yes you increase your risk of infection

And why would you need them at night anyway when your sleeping? Its not like you need to see anything when you sleep!

There are some lenses out there designed so that you can sleep in them. Ive been told that if you 'forget' (like if you have a low prescription) or like fall asleep in them, once off is ok. But be sure to lubricate +++ for a few days after. And get the lens checked out for scratches.

For swimming-its coz the water does soemthing adn will pull the lens off your cornea. You can wear goggles for swimming. You can swim if you close your eye. But again id use plenty of eye drops afterwards