Why are my new contact lenses blurry?

I have been wearing the same brand of contacts for 5 years now. I recently got my eyes checked and tried out a new brand of contacts that supplies more air to the eyes.

My old contacts prescription: R: -2.75 and L: -3.50. New contacts prescription: R: -2.75 and L: -3.25.

They originally let me try -2.75/-3.50 (the old prescription degrees) for the new brand, but it was unclear. So then they gave me a second trial of contacts of -2.75/-3.25 (they thought the left eye's contacts might have been too strong). This second trial still isn't the clearest. The blurriness is most noticeable when I read things that are close range, from 1ft to 5ft away. Additionally, at night time, the street lights are a bit blurry compared to before.

Can someone tell me what is going on?

Well, you said that the second trial wasn't the clearest. You should get another prescription. Either that, or they gave you the wrong prescription or contacts. If you don't find those contacts good or comfortable, you should switch back to your old ones.