Which high index lens should I get? 1.67 vs 1.74?

I am trying to figure out if I can use a 1.67 high index lens vs. The 1.74 high index lens. The price difference is incredible. My prescription is -6.5 on one eye and -7.25 on the other with an astigmatism. It's twice as much to buy the 1.74 lenses and I am really wondering if that is necessary. I use plastic frames, oval style so a little thickness on the sides is no big deal to me. Any thoughts? What really is the difference between these two lenses?

The 1.67 will be perfect for that power.

The 1.74 is 13% thinner, which isn't a lot, but the 1.74 is best suited for powers over - 8.00 to start with.

1.67 will work perfectly for you.

Good luck


1.67 lenses are very good in plastic frames with prescriptions like yours. 1.74 will be a little thinner and lighter. The 1.74 used in our practice also comes aspheric, which further helps reduce lens thickness. While 1.74 would be the best lens material, we have many patients that are very pleased with the 1.67 lenses as it still a great alternative to regular plastic or polycarbonate lenses.

Hope that helps.