What is the easiest way tp remove soft lens contacts?

I recently got contact lens and I have been fidgeting for the past twenty minutes to remove the contact lense… What is the easiest way to remove contact lens from one's eye

Added (1). Thanks for the answers… However, i still cant get them out! I just got these contact lens and it was easy to put them in and remove them while I was at the optometry… However, I 've spent nearly an hour trying to get them out! Geez

Open your eye really wide, look to the side opposite the eye you are trying to take the contact out of (look right when taking the left one out). With your middle finger and thumb gently pinch the edge of the contact and when it wrinkles pull it out. Relax, you will get the hang of it. When I first got contact it took me forever to get it out and it rolled to the back of my eyeball (hard lenses). I freaked out but managed to get it out. Luckily soft contacts are a lot easier. Good luck! Hope this helps:)

Edit - Try closing your eye and rubbing it in a circular motion like you are tired. That tends to make mine pop out. If that doesn't work try using eyedrops and then using the other methods described in these answers.

For the left eye:
Put your weaker hand's third + index fingers on top eyelid, making sure that your palm's above your eye [hand upside down].
then, take your other hand with its third finger and pull down your bottom eyelid. You should be able to see your iris perfectly now.
now, take your thumb and index finger and gently pull out the contact lense from your iris.
same with your right eye.

Here's how i do it:
Look down, take your index finger and put it at the top of your eye (like, the top of the contact) and slide your finger straight down (so you are sliding the contact down so it's not directly on top of your cornea or whatever it's called). The contact will then not be lined up on your eye but below the cornea, so you will be able to pinch the contact out. (You slide the contact down so you don't have to pinch the contact out when it's on your cornea because it'd be more uncomfortable). Be sure you didn't just get up from a nap or something because it will be impossible to get them out.

I think that was way redundant lol but i was trying to clarify

Hold your bottom lid down. Place your finger directly on the color of your eye Pull or slide the contact straight down or to the inner corner of your eye push it all the way to the edge. This will help release it from your eye. DO NOT let go or blink. While holding the contact bring in your thumb and pinch contact between thumb and finger and pull out. If your eye is dry you can use rewetting drops to help float the contact.

I know this is not the way I was taught to remove them but what I do is quickly pinch them between my thumb and index finger and pull them off.