What does the different numbers mean on your contact lense prescription?

MY prescription is -1.00 8.70 BC 14 Dia. I was looking into ordering some night and days or purevision that you can wear 24 hrs. However they don't come in my BC or Dia… But are just a little off… What would happen if I order 8.60 BC or 1380 Dia?

Added (1). Very imformative answers that's why I was asking… Because I don't know… Really my problem is laziness and I like watching TV in bed which is uncomfortable with my glasses on… Thanks!

Your doctor should have written you a prescription for a certain brand of lens. You need to speak with him/her about the type of lens you are interested in wearing so that s/he can determine what would be the best for your eyes. The BC is the base curve of your eye. If a lens doesn't come in that base curve the doctor will determine if a smaller bc lens is the best for you. The Diameter is the size of the lens… And the -1.00 is your actual prescription. It just means your eyes are one diopter too strong so the -1.00 puts you to where you can see properly.

Talk to your doctor about possible lenses. S/he will give you a trial set of lenses, then recheck you to make sure that the brand is good for you. I do not like the night and day contacts because they give you a false sense of security. I have had some killer eye infections even wearing contacts approved for overnight wear. I would recommend taking your lenses out every night even if you do get a day and night lens.

There are a couple of things wrong with your idea.

First of all, those parameters and brand you are wearing is what was prescribed. You can't just go and order something different unless you have a prescription for it. The online sites have to call and check with the Dr. To be sure that it is a valid Rx you want to order with.

Second thing is that getting lenses that you don't want to take out at nights is a VERY bad move.

With only a -1.00, there is no reason at all to have to sleep with them, it isn't as if you are blind if you have to get up in the middle of the night.

No good ever comes from sleeping with lenses on, even the couple of brands that are FDA approved. The great majority of eye Dr's do NOT approve of it.

If you want to keep wearing lenses for many years with no problems, stay away from overwearing them… Especially sleeping with them.

Besides that, even another brand with exactly the same base curves and diameter isn't always going to fit the same. You have to be seen by your optician or optometrist to change brands, and have trial lenses first to make sure they will fit right.

As there is no absolutes in wearing contact lenses---you probably can wear many brands and some different specifications---eyedoctors that sell them get attached to some brands and use them---this does not mean that there is only one kind that you can wear. The fitting of contacts to a patient has some basic measurements of the cornea and eye, but to a large extent is trial and error.

Ok. The differnet isn't alot.shd be ok for the eyes.