Why is my toric lens so uncomfortable?

MY optician gave me a sample lens for my left eye, which has an astigmatism, though I don't know how bad it is. It doesn't hurt and I do have it in correctly, but at times it feels like there's something in my eye, and I can also see the edge of the contact as it does tend to shift, but this happens rarely during the course of the day. He said I need to have a toric, but I would really prefer to revert back to regulars if it's going to keep feeling this awkward on my eye.

What brand is it? What brand did you have before?

Well, that is the whole reason why you have a trial lens… To see how well it will work.

When you go back, just tell them the problem and they will try something else. There are several different brands of toric lenses, and sometimes 2 or 3 have to be trialed to find the perfect one.

I use toric lenses and depending on how bad your eyes are (I am in their highest prescription for both eyes) my eye doctor says that I may feel them more than others because they are thicker. If you compare them to a non-toric lens you'll see the difference.