Toric lenses vs regular lenses?

I got a prescription for contact lenses a while ago and found out that I have astigmatism. While I was looking at lenses online, I noticed that toric lenses were a lot more costly that regular lenses.

I was wondering if it would be okay to get regular lenses with the following prescription:

OD: -0.75 -1.00x180
OS: -1.75 -1.00x180

Also, the lenses I saw online had either -0.75 or -1.25 cylinders but not -1.00. Are there any specific brands that offer -1.00?

I had to pay $100 just to get the exam and prescription so please don't tell me to go back to the doctor and ask them. I'm not made of money.

An astigmatism is an eye that is out of round its not the focus so much as they are weighted to turn a certain way to correct for that. They will either be uncomfortable or fall out if you use regular lenses.

If you have a proper prescription for contacts, it will also tell you what brand to get, and the basecurve, as well as the correct powers.

Even if you did manage to order lenses without a prescription for them, and you didn't get torics, you just wouldn't be able to see very well.

The astigmatism part of your prescription has to be there if you want good vision with them.

Astigmatism lenses should give you the best vision if you put them on the eyes exactly right, and the lenses don't rock or rotate when you blink.

That's the problem with these lenses-the vision isn't always stable and can fluctuate whereas regular contacts give stable vision although not as clear as astigmatism lenses when they are working correctly.

That's why you should get your first pair from your doctor so he can make changes if needed.

To use regular contact lenses you would need to resort to the spherical equivalent which would be more like:

OD: -1.25
OS: -2.25

To switch you will need your doctor to give you another prescription.

With that level of astigmatism you will still get a slight amount of blurriness with regular lenses.