Toric contact lens: what if my axis is different?

For cyl lenses, (-1.75), I have an axis of 135. However they only have 90 and 180 available…

Does it make a difference? And if not, which one should I get?

Another question is: If I only use contact lens in one eye (the other has astigmatism), will the other eye get worse? "lazy eye" kind of effect?

I don't know the answers to your questions, but I believe toric lenses are prescribed WHEN you have astigmatism, so I don't understand why you are only using one lens unless the other eye with astigmatism doesn't need correction.

I have irregular axes also. Don't go with 90 or 180,
you'll get dizzy a lot. They have them for your eyes
just not in many options. Go to a different optometrist
if you must.