How to tell if my eye prescription is too strong?

I broke my glasses, and I had to go to a different optometrist because I got my first pair less than a year ago on vacation over 5 states away. I went to contacts as well; they're Avaira 2wks. The optometrist didn't take very long doing my exam, and I don't know if the prescription is wrong, if it's me adjusting to the contacts, or a combination of both. I had a really light prescription (I believe it was -.075 in each eye) and a little bit of astigmatism in my first pair of glasses. The new prescription that I have in now is a -1.25 in each eye. This new optometrist said my astigmatism wasn't pronounced enough to warrant the extra cost of toric lenses. However, I have been wearing my glasses to drive, and the prescription still seems perfect for me. These new contacts, however, seem almost TOO sharp, and it makes it a bit hard to focus, and reading up close (even on my computer as I'm doing now) is a little bit blurry at times, and rather hard to focus. What should I do?

You should go back for a contact lens check up. Tell them exactly what you wrote. The test for over correction is quite simple and can be done in a few minutes.

Go to another optician. What you are getting says they may be subtly to strong. If the eye exam was short the optician may not have done all the check questions to see if they were getting the perfect persciption. Not helpful now, but I take my perscription when I travel so if my glasses get broken I can just order a new set without having to see an unfamiliar optician.

My prescription is right -.50, -.20, 95 and left eye -.75, -1.75, 75
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