Do I have to wear toric lenses or can I wear regular contacts?

I wore contacts a few years ago with an astigmatism of -0.25 that were not toric and felt fine, but I just got another contact exam and the Dr.gave me toric contacts which are blurry and feel really uncomfortable. I was wondering if I can wear regular contacts or if I have to have to get toric lenses. My prescription is sph -1.00 cyl -0.75 axis 180. I already tried to call the doctor about the problem and she told me there was really nothing she could do, which doesn't really make sense to me and she never let me try any other lenses, no trials at all. She just told me if I wanted colored contacts I would have to go with Freshlook colorblends toric, so I did. Please help!

I always thought all astigmatism required torics?

Not all companies make toric lenses. If your doctor has prescribed a type and brand of contact, that's all you can get without a new prescription. If you're unhappy with your eye doctor, go get a prescription from another doctor. Contacts work just like medication - you get exactly what you've been prescribed, not something similar to it.

Since you have astigmatism increased a bit throughout the years, it is probably best for you to wear those toric lenses they prescribed to you. I have -1.25 astigmatism and I know myself that when wearing regular contacts, they do not fit properly on your eye and from wearing them, it can scratch or strain your eyes. I suggest you just continue wearing your Color blends Toric lenses!

First of all I think you should see a different doctor.
I have astigmatism and use Acuvue Oasys, and have for years. Maybe you'll have to give up your silly wants (colors lenses) for what's good and comfortable for your eye.

It's the doctor's job for you to see good. She knows that only with toric contacts you'll see good. Give them some time and they will feel ok.

You didn't wear a toric contact a couple of years ago because the lowest astigmatism correction made in contacts is -0.75. If a person has less than that power they are prescribed a regular spherical lens. Sometime a little extra power is added to the lens to make up for the uncorrected astigmatism. Since your eyes now have a stronger astigmatism you would need a toric lens to get the best possible vision. There are lots of different brands and designs for toric lenses, so if one does not work well usually a Dr would try a different brand. However, your Dr is right. Freshlook Toric are the only disposable toric lenses that come in color. Unfortunately, most people do not feel like they get the best vision out of Freshlook lenses because they come in limited axes. Also, the lenses seem bigger than a lot of other brands so they tend to be more uncomfortable (especially at first). You will probably have to give up the color if you want the best fit and vision possible. If you really want colored lenses your only other option would be to ask your Dr if you can get a colored spherical lens that does not correct your astigmatism. However, you will not be able to see as well as you would with a toric lens.