Sometimes my eyes are blurry while wearing contacts, why?

I got a trial pair from my doctor Saturday. One eye rx ended up being a quarter less than the other. I got the contact problem fixed. Sometimes if i leave my eyes are open for more than 10 seconds it gets blurry, could it be the a/c at my work? Or the fact I have only worn them 3 days and my eyes still need to adjust? I clean them but I hold the lens up to the light and see tiny little remnants of something? I don't want to bother the doctor for each problem. Anyone have advice?

The tiny remnants are from your fingers. Dont worry. I have that problem too.contacts will get dried out FAST. You should always keep your eyes moist when wearing contacts.other wise they will fall out eventually. Also dont take them out and clean them everytime they get blurry, just buy some rewetting drops from a local drugstore and carry them with you. When your vision stays blurry drop in some drops.also, the a/c will cause your contacts to become blurry and dried out and make them uncomfortable. If at all possible try to avoid the air blowing directly into your eyes. I hope this helped.