Pros and cons of wearing glasses?

Hi everyone, I just got glasses yesterday
My mom was against it as the power of lens is only -0.5 and -0.25 D
In the 2 lenses.
So I was wondering as she said, if I wear glasses it can actually make my eyes a whole lot worse and I will get higher power then
But I thougt incase I DON'T wear them I will grt a higher power
Please tell mr what to do
As the power is too low should I not wear them at all?

Thank you

Added (1). Urgh, what I meant was,
My mom said "why wear glasses when ur power is almost nothing, if you wear glasses, the power of your lenses will keep on increasing as time passes but if you don't wear them at all your power will remain static "
Idk if thats true
Cuz my dad had his first glasses with power 0.25 as well but after 20 years it's 2.5
He says if he hadn't put glasses at all, it would be at max 1 or 1.5

>"she said, if I wear glasses it can actually make my eyes a whole lot worse and I will get higher power then"


>"As the power is too low should I not wear them at all?"

So let me get this straight, you bought glasses but now you're wondering if you should wear them?

I think you and your mom's logic is flawed!

What did your eye doc say to get glasses for?
As a student, those numbers look like a "SVD" prescription: single-vision, distance use =) I. E.something to wear if you're driving, or late at night, or out in the cinemas where you want to see something FAR FAR away very sharply… Or when you NEED to like when you're driving =P

Otherwise, unless you're getting headaches, you really don't need to wear them all the time. There is a reason… Otherwise you wouldn't have got them in the first place =)

Lastly - can it make your eyes worse… No. God can - because your eyes will change to a stable prescription when you're in your mid-20's, and it's predetermined by your genetics as well as your habits - any reading too close, 5+ hours on the computer? If you don't wear them, you just won't see as clearly in some occasions.
Could your script increase - God knows =) I'm not being religious here, so substitute "God" with whatever you associate with a deity or higher power =)

Well i wouldnt if i were you. It's true that the more you use glasses the more your eyes get used to them and the more that your eyes get worst. I dont know if this has been scientifically proven, but i've seen this happen time and time again with friends and family.

the only pro is that you will see things clearer.

Typically, if someone needs glasses, their vision will get worse until their early 20's (when they stop growing) then stabilizes. This generally happens whether you wear your glases or not. Your prescription is pretty weak, I suppose, if you desire, you could just wear your glasses when you really need them and don't use for reading & other close work, although it will probably make no difference in how bad your vision ultimately becomes.