Optometrist won't give prescription!

I went to an IRIS optometrist and got an eye exam which i payed 95$. Than i asked for a contact lens fitting which he charged 50$. He gave me a sample set of contacts to try and i asked for my contact lens prescription. He said he couldn't give me my contact lens prescription because that information is classified. He gave me the contacts without the box in another case. I was wondering if he is legally required to give me my prescription since i payed for it and considering that they charge 60-70$ per box, when other places charge oly15-20$ per box? Thank you!

Clasified? When i got glasses they gave it to me to take to the store so i don't see why it would be. See if their is some special case why.

In the US, optometrists are supposed to give you a copy of your prescription after the examination is complete. I am assuming that he finished the contact lens fitting. If he didn't finished it, then he is not supposed to give you your prescription. You can probably find the law that states that they are supposed to give you a copy.