My pink-eye won't go away?

So I got my pink-eye from a cold, because I didn't go to the doctor but just treated it with natural remedies. There were slight complications and now I have pink-eye. I already have it for a freaking month and a half! It just won't go away. I didn't go to the doctor for a while, 'cause I thought it would go away. So when I finally went to an eye doctor. He prescribed me antibiotic eye drops which I had to use for 10 days. I did. He said that my eyes cleared up and gave me some drops to disinfect my eyes a few times a day. I have been using them for two weeks but I see no improvement with the way my eyes look. They still look slightly swollen and I can see blood vessels all the way up to my iris. I haven't used make up all this time, no contact lenses, always washed my hands. And my doctor just says to ''wait it out'' Is it supposed to be like that?

I am having somewhat of the same problem. I have had it over 2 weeks, used 2 diff antibiotic drops, and it is still not gone. My eyes look otherwise normal, no redness anymore, except I feel my eyes draining discharge over night and wake up with crusty eyes. I'm interested to find out why your eyes might be doing this bc I'm wondering for myself also. Hope it goes away soon!