My contact lenses wont stay focused?

I just got contacts, but im noticing that they wil NOT stay focused. Im positive i dont have them inside out. I keep having to blink constantly to try to refocus them, and its worse when someting is closer up such as looking at my phone or computer. Its really annoying. Does anyone know why this is and how i can fix it?

Added (1). I do wear make up, but i took it off before i put on my contacts.although… They did tell me that these specific contacts were slightly stronger than they wanted because the company was on back order. So tht migh have something to do with it, idk

Do you wear any make up around your eyes? My mascara always gets in my contacts. All you have to do is blink a lot and move your eyes around (like look up and down, side to side, etc). If you don't wear make up, ask your doctor about it. Maybe you got the wrong contacts or for any reason you got the wrong results on the vision test they made you take.