My contact lenses keep tearing? Help!

Hey, I have soft monthly disposible prescription contact lenses and high astigmatism. After putting them in I realized my left eye was very out of focus but I ignored it. About an hour later I started tearing so I took the left lens out and it was geared half way threw the middle! This was the second time this happened! Please help. I don't know why this happened I change the solution every night and keep them in perfect condition. Is it because my eye is dry? Help. Thanks

Are you sure it was broken? Astimgatism contacts have a marker on them which looks like a tear to show the opticain that they have spun to the right palce in the eye.

Astimgatism contacts have to spin to the right palce for you to see clearly. Soemtimes they dont and your eye will be out of focus as you describe. In theory they are supposed to take up to 1/2 hour to come clear but in my experience if they dont' settle in 10 minutes they aren't going to. The 2 fixes are - take it out and rewet and put in again, or use re-wettign drops. Its a problem which is worse if your eye is dry at all.

Also check they are the right way round. I've had a whole set come in inside out and its particularly bad for torics.