Monovision contacts: How long does it take to adjust?

I have excellent distance vision and just need some help seeing close up (for reading, computer, etc. For presbyopia) I am on my third combination of lenses in about a week and a half. My current contact lens is a near-correction lens in my non-dominant eye and nothing for distance. I've worn it for about 4 days and it's very difficult adjusting to it. I've read different reports where people either love the contacts instantly or that it took them two weeks---but if you've tried this, how long did it take for you to adjust?

I've also tried multivision lenses in both eyes and a distance and near lens in each eye. If this doesn't work I'm going to try a single bifocal lens.

I don't want to wear reading glasses. I have a pair of progressive lenses that are scratched and I either have to get them fixed or wear contacts. I want the convenience of contacts but if they do not work I'll go back to progressive lenses. It took me 4 weeks to get used to my progressives.

Added (1). … But once I got used to my progressives, I loved them (except that glasses get scratched… And you have to have them on:-). Thanks

If you have excellent distance vision without glasses or contacts, it is unlikely you will ever get used to mono vision. Anything you do with contacts will compromise your distance vision. You would actually have a better chance of success if you had bad distance vision. My policy as an optometrist is that I don't generally give up trying until my patient does. You are pretty close to that point where you should do that now.

Agreed with Dr. E. The patients who see *awesome* far away with no help for most of their lives… Are the ones tho are generally the most miserable in contacts & have the highest failure rate for exactly the reasons you just listed once they're presbyopic. They're also the ones (just like you said) who have trouble getting used to progressives… And bifocals and pretty much every form of vision correction.