Legally blind in one eye, driving restrictions in Ohio?

I'm legally blind in my left eye since birth and am wondering what, if any, special requirements I will have once I get a driver's license. I live in Ohio and they let me test for and obtain a permit and the officer acted like it was no big deal when I told him I actually forgot I was legally blind in that eye taking the eye exam because it doesn't affect me much at all. I wear glasses but the left lens is plain glass because that eye is beyond help. Basically my question is this: What will my special requirements be, if any, as a legal driver who is legally blind in one eye in Ohio? Will I need to have my car fitted with an extra long rearview mirror as I've heard of in other states? Will I need to retake the eye exam more often? Will I have to take the whole driver's test when I renew my license?


As long as one eye can see 115 degrees sideways, you're good to go.

I'm blind in one eye and can't see out of the other very well also since birth. Getting my license was no different than others who've gotten their license with two good eyes. My only restriction was corrective lenses required note on my license.