Is there a place that will put lenses in my frames when Walmart can't?

I have a pair of vintage frames and I took them into Walmart to have prescription lenses put in them. They unscrew, and the lenses pop right out of the metal frame. They told me that they couldn't do it because of the way the machine will have to "trace" the lenses.

Would an actual optometrist be able to put prescription lenses in my frames even when Wal-mart can't? My only idea around it was that maybe an actual eye clinic has more sophisticated machinery so maybe they had something that COULD trace it?

I'm uncertain, and didn't know if anyone else has ever had this problem. It's a real disappointment because I cannot find frames like these ANYWHERE.

Take it to other optometrist shops.
The eye doctor at Walmart is the optometrist. The folks putting the glasses together are technicians.
Most eye cliniss or doctors send the prescription out to a place that cuts the lens and puts the glasses together following the technicians measurements he/she took when glasses are ordered.
Get out your yellow pages phone book and start calling around. Don't know where you live but here in Rochester MN there are at least 10 different places that offer eye glasses and eye exams and not all places use the same company to get the glasses put together.

Go to an independent optical store… Not an optometrist, not a chain.

Optometrists don't make glasses… And very often the chains like Walmart don't want to take the time for specialty jobs.

I asked about this same thing at a Walmarts where I live and the guy said he could put lenses in pretty much any frame except drilled frameless ones. The only exceptions might be if the frames you have are sunglasses frames, some of them don't have the right kind of groove around the inside of the frame openings to take prescription lenses, and some of the wrap around sunglasses won't take prescription lenses because of the curvature of the frames.

Anyway, like the other person said, try going to a different place and see what they say. If there is some valid reason why they can't use those particular frames, you should try going on some of the larger on-line eyeglasses sites. There are hundreds of companies that make frames, somewhere there must be something that is similar to what you have.