Is it safe to put disposable contacts in water?

I juss bought diposable freshlook contacts that last about up to a month and i don't know where to buy cleaners i put the contacts in the same pack with the water thing in it to when i was done using it because i lost my case for my contacts… The water(well its not water i just don't know what its called lol) theres some little things in there so i guess its dirty now can i use keep the contacts in tap water?

No way!

Yes, it's fine.

Sure… As long as you don't put them back into your eyes.

Don't do it, the natural chloride in the water (and minerals) makes the contact turn green sometimes and it makes your eyes very dry!

They won't explode… :P:P:P

No Tap Water is Dirty!

Buy Solution for your contacts

Yes you can but its better to but it in eye contact solution

No! Never! There is a quite common amoeba in the the water which can cause a cyst in your eye and blindness!
People who wear lenses are most susceptible to a rare and painful condition caused by an amoeba that lives in tap water.

The condition -- Acanthamoeba keratitis -- causes ulcers to form on the cornea and can lead to blindness.

"It's a ghastly disease. It's very resistant to treatment and difficult to eradicate,"

No its kinda like when you wash your hands too much. It keeps em nice and wet when they are in the water but they get all dried up and will then become foggy. So NO DONT PUT YOUR CONTACTS IN TAP WATER! Thats why they make solution. I mean think about it people wouldnt pay so much for contact solution if they could just put it in water.

Try looking @ wal-mart costco target and even a local drug store there is so many places but dont put it in water because the minerals may build up and irritate your eyes so it isnt a good idea and also dont put the contact in the smae cleaner two times its just like taking a dirty bath they dont get clean!

No, no, no! I have had contacts for 22 years, and I'll never forget the one time I thought that would be ok. I thought I would never be able to peel those things off my eyes again. I think it's because you need to have the proper balance of minerals (saline) in the fluid because that is the natural state of your eyeball. I'm no doctor, of course, I just know that I regretted using water bigtime!

One trick I learned as a smokejumper is to keep your contacts in your eyes and just slide them off to the side while you sleep. That way they stay moist and you just slide them back over in the morning (or whenever the fire decides to run!).

Don't do it!

No, you need to buy sterile saline solution and you need a new case. Go to walmart or walgreens or anywhere like that. You could get an eye infection if you do not keep your contacts properly

NO, NO, NO! Bacteria live in water that could cause a serious eye infection!
Go to the drug store and buy some contact lens solution!

Not an option.

Never, it's very harmful