I think I have a cut in my eye?

So I've been wearing my contact lenses for a pretty long time. One of them has a tear in it but I still continued to wear it. Then I noticed that when wasn't wearing it, my eye would hurt really badly. I don't have glasses and I'm very near-sighted. I would still like to wear my contacts since I can't see without them and I'm getting new ones soon but for now what can I do about the cut that might be in my eye?

Your eye can't heal while you are wearing that contact lens.

You have a choice, wear that contact lens on a sore eye and maybe cause eye damage or keep the lens out of your eye and give your eye a chance to heal.

The choice is being very near-sighted or eye damage and loss of sight.

Your cornea needs to heal and it can't do that with the contact lens in the eye and you are also risking an eye infection as your cornea is inflamed or a cornea ulcer or a cornea scar.

If the top layer of the cornea is damaged it can repair it self, if the inner layers of the cornea is damaged then the eye cannot repair it.

You need to see an eye doctor and stop wearing that contact lens.