I have trouble getting my contacts in?

I just started using contacts, and I can usually get them in but it takes quite a few tries and it's very frustrating. Every time I try to put it in it sticks to my finger, not my eye. And when I put the lens right to my eye it just folds backward and doesn't hold its shape. My optometrist says I cant switch brands, so does anyone have a technique or something that can make this easier?

Since you especially just started using contacts, it'll take a while before you and your eyes get used to them. Trust me; practice makes perfect.

Issue of sticking to finger and not eye: when this happens to me, I put the contact into the cup of my other hand, squirt some solution on it, and swish it around. Then I try again. Also, make sure you're holding the contact the right way and it's not flipped inside out. Although it might be different with your brand, most contacts require for you to put them in when they're in a specific shape. While the contact is on your finger, and the closed bottom touching your fingertip, hold it up to the light and see what shape the bottom curve of the contact makes against your finger. If it's a harsh, straighter-edge V shape, almost, you need to flip it inside out. You want the contact to be shaped with a smoother, circle of a curve so it fits more easily and more comfortably to your eye.
If you check that, it should help with both sticking to your eye and holding its shape.

Also, with the latter, I usually put the contact on my eyeball and close my eyelid to wait and give it a few seconds to scoot up to where the contact needs to be on my eye. If it folds up or crinkles, I give it a few more seconds underneath my closed eyelid before I open it back up to check and if it flattened out by itself or if I need to manually adjust. If it's a small adjustment, I move it around a little bit while still on my eye and it smoothes out. If it's not that easy, I take it out, squirt some solution on there, and try again.

And be sure that when you put your contacts away in the container, they're fully open and not folded up in any way.It'll be easier to put them in next time if they're open; if they sit overnight or for any long amount of time in a folded shape, it'll be harder for them to adhere nicely/comfortably to your eye and not fold up over themselves.