I have blurred Vision after sleeping in contacts?

I know similar questions where asked but im worried. I slept in my contacts for no more then 45 minutes and then took them out about 15 minutes. I've slept in my contacts for longer peroids and have never had blurred vision before. Im extremely worried because every hour or so they get red, sting, and tear profusely. Then they go back to normal, but the blurred vision never goes away - and this is in one eye only.

I've tried normal Systane eye drops, patanol allergy drops, and BioTrue lens soultion. None have helpt. Someone please tell me what to do

Added (1). I know I'm not suppose to sleep in them, but these things happen. I dont do it on purpose.

Added (2). I havent worn my contacts since it happened, (yesterday)

You are not supposed to sleep with contacts on -.-
go to the doctor

Just because you can sleep in the doesn't mean it is good for you. Who knows what combinations s of things add up to having problems.
If you are having problems during the day then you need to tell the prescribing eye doctor, maybe you got a bad or wrong pair.

45 minute nap in contacts isn't a problem. Sleeping in contacts is about not enough oxygen getting to your eyes. If you don't take them out and sleep in them then long term your eyes get deprived of oxygen and there are major problems. A one off nap isn't an issue. You say you've slept in them for longer though? Are you overwearing?

Keeping your contacts out is the right thing to do. Lens solution isn't helpful for eye problems. Now it could be you've actually got an infection. If you have blurred vision in an eye you really need to go and see a doctor. Its one of those symptoms you don't wait around with.