I can't get my contact lenses out? - 1

OK so its only my second day but i cant get my lenses out! I know you drag it down to the corner of your eye but i just cant do it! Please help

Blink a few times to see if this dislodges the lens from its position. If this does not work, use re-wetting drops manufactured especially for use with contact lenses. Two drops per eye should be enough to bring your lenses back to their regular position so that you can take them off comfortably as soon as possible or as soon as necessary if you happen to be away from home.

Wash your hands thoroughly if you wake up at home to discover that you have forgotten to remove your contact lenses and have one of them stuck in an awkward position on your eyeball. Use the re-wetting drops and blink to get the contact lens to move. If it still does not budge, close your eyes and use your forefinger to gently nudge the lens--through your closed eyelid--onto the center of your eyeball where it is normally positioned. Once the lens slides into place, this is your cue to remove it as usual.

Use your forefinger and thumb to spread your top and bottom eyelids apart if the lens is still stuck in a position you cannot immediately reach. With the tip of your forefinger, carefully move the visible tip of the lens to get it back into position. If you find this challenging, visit your ophthalmologist immediately for expert assistance.

Know that if your contacts get stuck on a regular basis, this may mean that you should schedule an appointment with your eye doctor to get refitted. The wrong size of contact lenses tend to slide around the eye, which is a common occurrence for those who wear colored contacts purchased not from an eye care professional, but without a prescription from beauty supply stores and market vendors.