How to tell if my contact lenses are backwards?

Okay so my contacts have a letter on them. One is labeled "E" and the other one "D". I was wondering is the letter supposed to be on the outside of the contact (the part your fingers touch when putting them on and taking them off) or the inside ( the part that your actual pupil touches)? I cant really go by the "bowl" method because it looks the same each time.

If your contact hurts/doesn't feel right when you put it in, then 99% of the time it is backwards. I never go by the letters or "123" in contacts because I can't read them without them in.

If the letters pop out a little bit I'd suggest the letter facing out. Not touching the pupil. Anything unsmooth or bumpy should never be touching the pupil. By the way I like your name… Hahaha

If they itch non-stop then you probably have them on the wrong way, assuming that it's a fresh pair. Pictures would help me help you with the lettering part haha.

I didnt know what to do when that happened to me so i just put it in and it wouldnt stay it fall of my eyeball so then i flipped it and boom it went right in and stayed!

Recent on comments on the web suggest that there is an inside and an outside to your contact lenses. Some ways you can tell are:

1) If they are colored, the darker side should be on the outside.
2) When you look at your contact on your finger, it should not flare out on the edges.
3) If you put the contact lenses in your eye and
a. They are uncomfortable
b. They fall right out
c. Your vision does not seem to be corrected properly
d. You experience burning, stinging, tearing
You are probably wearing your contacts inside out.