How to make myself more beautiful?

Okay, well I'll try to keep this short.
People treat me differently because of how I look… There's a picture for anyone about to ask.
I have magnified eyes and I'm worried that no one will take me seriously in the future. I've tried thinking of how I could look, deformed. But in the long run, it never makes me feel any better. I don't have any other things wrong with me, so people just act weird with me.
It's really starting to effect me. I can't make eye contact. I seek advise from a friend who is quite large but has confidence.
I used to contact lenses, and looked stunning, but I found that they were uncomfortable and had to wear glasses again. I even had a boyfriend.
So, how do I deal with this? Not looking for attension. Just want advise.
Forgot to add that people stare.
No boys like me, they just use me as an ego boost.
I want to be a vet and this is what is keeping me strong for the moment.
Please don't even mention contact lenses, I do not get on with them even after wearing them for 2 years!
I can't 'change' my glasses prescription either.

Wow honey you're very pretty
trust me!<3
If you want you can change your frame=)

and you should also:
-Have a sense of humor
-Find the right hairstyle or hair color for you
-Maintain your personal hygiene
-Tackle skincare problems
-Get in shape
-Dress appropriately for your body type.
-Make yourself look approachable.-Be confident

hope this helps prettiness<3

You can work towards being a vet and then get lazer eye surgery?
If not, just get different frames.=] you are very pretty but need more feminine clothes and if you do that then you'll be a stunner!

I don't think you have ever seen ugly people if you think you are ugly… Take a look at me once you will defiantly feel better
first of all i love your eyes i always wish i had eyes like yours
try a new hairstyle let your hair down you will look stunning
try new clothes like summer dresses skirts…
guys may not like you because you are shy it always happens with me i have never even had a boyfriend so there is no reason for you to feel insecure just be more outgoing…
hope i helped:)

Like i said before, you already are beautiful. Your glasses add to your appearance, not detract from it. Lots of guys like girls who wear glasses, including me. You are fine, and you have nothing to worry about.