How to cheat on an eye exam?

Please do not post comments concerning that I have to wear glasses and such if I need them. I'm 14, and I manage just fine without glasses, I just have a very slight problem reading some things far. Nothing on the boards at school are ever blurry, but sometimes on the overhead they are a bit for the smaller text. There will be a school designated eye exam for all students. Anyways, I have memorized the Snellen eye chart quite easily in a matter of about ten minutes, but it has come to my attention that the optician that conducts the exam will use different instruments, different various eye charts, etc. I also have come to the conclusion that if I squeeze my eyes shut and reopen them, everything that I can't see is temporarily clearer until I blink a couple more times. And I would really despise being forced to wear glasses or contact lenses. Also, please don't say some response about how I will be the one suffering if I don't get glasses, or along those lines. I am fine without glasses. Any tips for cheating on the eye examination?

Added (1). When I said that some things far away are hard to read, it's very very minor. From the back in the classroom, some of the small text (that actually a few people, not just me) find difficult to read.

Fix it now before your blind when your 40

The eye doctor can typically tell when you try to cheat on an eye exam.

Just go in and if do say you need glasses, wear them only when you need to (like during class)

you really cant cheat im srry not very helpfull

Memorizing the chart is the only way I can think of., but that's a bad idea. I'm now totally disregarding your wishes and will say that it is immature to cheat on an eye test so you won't have to wear glasses. Pretty soon you will be driving, which means that you will have to pass an eye test. It's not a good idea to drive if you can't see well, as it can cause accidents. Take the test normally and fairly. If you have to wear glasses/contacts then so be it. Suck it up and be a proud four-eyed person.

"it's very very minor. From the back in the classroom, some of the small text (that actually a few people, not just me) find difficult to read"

Well then, if it is so very, very minor, then it sounds like you have nothing to worry about: A. K.A "failing" the eye test. It must just be that the text is a bit too small for our humanly eyes. Or maybe you're just paranoid.

This is an odd question for me to answer, because I have perfect vision. I've always wanted glasses, because I thik they can make one look a lot sexier, depending on the frames… But since your personal preference is to not wear them, I would just find some excuse not to go to school that day. We used to have to take these seeing and hearing tests, but they won't make you take it if you're not at school that day. Fake sick!

I wouldn't obsess about it too much, even if you don't pass the eye test, all they typically do is send a letter home. The school is not going to force you to wear glasses, it is not their job to be the "glasses police". If it turns out you need glasses, just get some but don't wear them except if you really need to (doing this will NOT hurt your eyes).

PS, if you normally get your eyes tested by your own doctor, you might be able to get a note from him excusing you from the test; worth a try.

Argue that glasses violate your happiness, and sue a lot of companies. You'll end up getting your way, sooner or later.