How long does it take for a scratched eye to heal?

Hey peeps last Thursday i was wearing my contact lenses, but my right eye was not focusing as well as my right, so i went to the optician and they said my lense may be on its way out and they gave me a new set, but it didnt correct the problem, then the eye started to mist up unfortunatly i couldnt take the lens out straight away as i didnt have my lens pot or any solution so i had to wear it for about another hour before i could take it out, because of this i think i have scratched my eye, as the vision is still blurry but i also have some redness, how long will it take for my eye to get better, i have tried the lense in the eye again today and it seemed a little better but i still have slightly blurred vision and some redness, so im wearing glasses again today (i have been since Thursday to rest the eye) and im starting to use anti bacterial eye drops to help with the redness. Any advice on this will be greatly appreciated

I think almost a month.