How Long Does It Really Take LensCrafters To Order in Lenes And Make Them?

I went to Lenscrafter this past sunday, since my eye glass frame broke, to get my eyes check and get a new pair. That pair I got it back in 2002 from them. This time after getting the eyes check, and the measurements for the chosen frame, the worker went to check. She said they don't have lens in stock for people with a prescription that is high like me. She said like 7 days and they'll call, so long doe it reall take near a week, or as long as local mom and pop eyeglass place.

Added (1). How come they don't just also have those on hand for people who has a prescription that is stronger. All it is they don't use it that much, until there are those that need them.

Added (2). Another thing all my other glasses are old and could or may break anytime it more then 12 or 15 years old. Even when I use them for the time being till this new one, and they are not as clear on details since my vision has changed.

Added (3). Would there be any chance they could have it a day or two early ready for pick up, and what are the chances it more then one week like a day or two later.

It does take a while. There are not actually many lens grinders.

Next time, look online (google glassy eyes) - you will be amazed at how much less excellent quality glasses can cost. Seriously. Like 30% of ripoff storefront places.

A week sounds about right: they have to place the order, wait for it to arrive, and then unpack and get ready for you.

I use Zenni optical (, and bypass LensCrafters entirely. I get a pair of glasses from them for $10 plus $5 shipping (on up).