How long does a scratched cornea take to heal?

Around the beginning of July, I wore soft cosmetic contact lens. The contact lens are quite large- they're supposed to make your eyes look bigger.
I put them on; they were sitting in solution for weeks, so I guess the water was absorbed in them? They were dry.
I kept them on for hours, ended up having a swollen eye, many tears, red eye, etc. I had a scratched cornea. It was a big scratch.
i was given cream to put under my eye at night, and eyedrops to take every half an hour.
This was in the beginning of July, end of June. It's now July 25.
Is it healed, or? Can I put the contacts back in?

Scratched cornea or corneal abrasion can be healed within few days with proper treatments. Most likely you had corneal infection from contact lenses which looks like corneal abrasion.
Once the abrasion started to heal, you will feel less pain, less tears, less redness and less swollen eye.
I think you should have an ocular examination before you decide to cut off your treatment and also before you start wearing contact lenses.