How to tell if my contact lens is still in? - 2

I was washing my face and, all of a sudden, I jarred my left eye and my vision went blurry. I quickly took out my right contact lens, but when I went to take out my left one, I wasn't able to. The sensation I feel is like I'm close to taking the lens out, but cannot. However, after nearly an hour of trying, I realize that maybe the lens fell out in the first place. What I thought felt like my lens, maybe have been my pupil. How do I check if my lens is in or out! Please help!

Added (1). Well, duh, I checked for the ring. But I can't see it… Either the lens moved to a different part of my eye or isn't there.

There should be a ring aroung your eye…

It could be folded up & under your upper eyelid. Close your eye & massage the eyelid & hopefully that will dislodge it into your view.
RN & former contact wearer

If you can't find it, after massaging your eyelid and trying to dislodge it, i would say go to your eye doctor and let them see if they can find it. It happens quite often and you're not the only one. Your doctor will probably charge you a small office visit fee. Just don't put in another contact until you are sure that one is out!