How do contact lenses feel like on eye?

I hate wearing glasses and I want contact lenses, but I'm just wondering, how does it feel? Plus, if the contact touches your eyeball will you feel any pain or anything?

I don't even notice my contacts. They just go on your eye and you are good. At first you have to let your eyes get used to them, but then it just feels normal.

When you first get them you are going to sit down with your doctor and put them in and out until you got it down perfectly. For the first couple of days they are going to feel weird. It just feels like you have an eyelash in your eye. 2 or 3 days later you don't even feel them! Sometimes I actually forget I'm wearing mine and I think I'm wearing glasses so I constantly touch my face to "fix" my glasses. I like contacts a lot better than glasses:)

I have one eye that I can not feel the contact lenses at all. The other eye I can feel it a bit. I mostly wear contacts for sports so I don't need to wear my glasses.

If you are thinking of getting contacts go to your optometrist and get fitted for contacts. He can recommend the correct fit and brand of contacts that work best for your eyes. I recently did this with my eye doctor and he let me try several pairs and then gave me a few trial lenses that I could take out of his shop and try. This is a great way to make sure that you will like wearing contacts before you purchase them.

Modern soft contacts which fit properly are incredibly comfortable. The old hard lenses did hurt to start with, not so now. If you get dust or a hair on it it can be a bit like getting something in your eye but thats about it. When they first put it in you are aware its tehre. That is really all.

Wearing contact lenses is very normal, it doesn't hurts or pain. Plus you get used to them within a short period of time.