Eyes Always Get Bloodshot and Sting while Wearing Contact Lenses?

I have been to see my optometrist two or three times about it, but he never finds a problem. Ever since I started wearing contacts four or five years ago (I am now seventeen), they always make my eyes go bloodshot and sting, even if I only wear them for thirty minutes or so. My eyes also sting when I blink them even if I haven't worn contacts in days. The stinging tends to go away maybe after one week of not wearing my contact lenses. I have tried two different brands on contacts lenses and two different types of solutions, but nothing changes. I wear my contact lenses for about eight hours a day, five days a week, after which I wear my glasses, and I wear my glasses only on most weekends. I don't have a problem with dry eyes, so I doubt that's it, and my optometrist has never mentioned anything about it.

I am near-sighted in both eyes, and have astigmatism in my left eye. My prescription is -4.25 for my left eye and, I think, -3.75 for my right.

Anyone have any ideas what the problem could be? I'm getting tired of it, and the thing I look most forward to during school is getting home so I can take them out. I don't want to wear my glasses because it limits my vision, they get dirty too much, and I have anxiety problems and really don't like to wear glasses in public. Are there any other alternatives? Thanks for any help. :-)

Try a diffront opttionist

I would definitely recommend seeing a new opthometrist or opthamologist, FIRST of all. After all, these are EXACTLY the kinds of issues they are actually supposed to Help you with.

However, I can say that sometimes two different brands of contacts may not be enough to try. After all, the most basic category of contacts (like biomedics 55, or acuvue 2) may actually cause dry eye, even though you DONT normally have this issue. That is because you are covering your cornea, so of course it will not be as moist from your natural tears as it should. But another reason it happens is the breathablility,… How much oxygen is actually allowed through the lens… So it blocks moisture AND oxygen. SOO… Some people try specialty lenses, like acuvue oasys (the most popular) or avaira (a generic). The only problem is, there is a small percentage of people who actually react WORSE to those than the basic! This is bc although the specialty lenses ARE more breathable and much more moist, they are made of silicone… And pts with the adverse reaction are actually slightly allergic to the different MATERIAL.

so, i would
1) try a different doctor (im just an optician, who works FOR an optometrist)
2) ask about more brands, and demand to be heard and worked (meaning more trial pairs!) with until you are happy (many people LOVE bausch&laumb purevision, air optix, and of course, acuvue oasys)
3) try rewetting drops, like systane ultra or systane balance (both available otc)

I hope this helps! And good luck. I myself have had this issue.

I think you should give up trying with contacts and stick with glasses, or try lasik.

If your doctor can find any injury on your eyes then change you contacts solution. The harmful preservatives in it is stinging your eyes.

Use a contact lenses solution that is marked for sensitive eyes.

Could you try resting your eyes and just tick to glasses for about a week. I know it will be hard for a teenage but the rest might do your eyes some good.