Eye prescription, what does this mean?

I went to the eye doctors and she gave me glasses but I asked her what my prescription for my lenses were and she said
OD-, 50-, 50 x 180
OS-, 50-, 50 x 180

What does this mean? DO i have good vision like 20 / 20? Or bad vision? Help please?

Minor correction. You could probably see well without glasses

Why are you trying to count the trees, just enjoy the mangos.
That the simple answer you cant understand those prescription. On other hand you have good vision & having minor numbers (compound spherical & cylendrical).

Call the doctor's office back and tell them you have a few more question you forgot to ask. They should take care of you.

Hi, i don't mean to sound mean, but for all i know, you can ignore nadeem. :D i think that despite you not being an optom yourself (probably?!) you still have a right to know. So yeah.

anyway, since your prescription for both eyes is the same, i'll just say in general(:
both your eyes are slightly myopic, which means you can actually see well without glasses as well. It's almost 20/20, but you have slight astigmatism too, so it actually affects the 20/20 result slightly.

OD is right eye and OS is left eye. 50- means that you have a -0.50D (D is the unit for eye power in this case) in both eyes.since your eyes are not entirely spherical, it means that you have astigmatism.th 50 that you see after the comma, means 0.50D. It's the power for your eye, again, but it's the power of your astig.x180, is the axis of your astigmatism, which, in a way, could be explained as the direction of the image that is actually distorted.

you may not have realized that you need glasses, though, since from what i see, your prescription is rather low. So yeah. :D
i hope i've (somehow) managed to clear your doubts on these weird numbers that you see. It may seem like some complicated stuff, but don't worry, it's how optoms were taught to read off the patient's prescriptions. :D