Does the cylinder and axis change over time for eyeglasses prescriptions?

I have a prescription for glasses from a year ago indicating my sphere to be -2.75, cylinder to be -0.75, and axis to be 90 for one eye. Recently i had an eye examination for contact lens, suggesting i need -3.50 sphere for this eye, but does not indicate the cylinder and axis. This cost about $200, so i dont plan on getting another prescription for eye glasses. However i am wondering if my cylinder and axis would also change because of the change in sphere

It should change, but ur eye doctor can confirm this, but whats important is that you find a experienced optician to make your eyeglasses for you.

I bought mines from a internet site and the problem was they were cheap, but they werent professionally adjusted for me so i had to take them to my optician to get them adjusted but lucky they did it for free. I go to specific places to get my eyeglasses made, i always go back to the same place because they give me good service, good selection, the prices are good and they make my eyeglasses pretty fast.

For me its helpful to have a good optical place as in my job, my eyeglasses get damaged a lot quite easily.

Everybody's eyes are different and as such will change differently. Your vision may get better or worse, and any part of your Rx can change. My last eye exam was actually just last week where I work, dilated and everything. In my right eye my Cyl went up by a quarter diopter and the axis remained the same, in my left the Cyl went up by a half a diopter and my axis rotated about 5 degrees. Your mileage may vary!

Yes, it can totally change over time. A lot. To save money, if you already like your current frame, you can go online and get your new prescription put into new lenses in your old frame and save loads.

I've had great success with Their lens prices are much lower than those in stores (e.g. Vision Corner, Walmart, etc.) and the quality is very high because they have been around for 28 years and are based out Connecticut. This means that your lenses aren't outsourced to China or India, like most places do.