Do contact lenses freeze in sub zero temperatures?

I have never been abroad to countries where temperature drops below zero so im a little ignorant on the subject lol. Obviously the water and the case where ill store them when ill be asleep will be in my room at the hotel and there is heating there so that wont be a problem but when in my eyes will thay like freeeze there or something? O.o

Not likely since the contact lenses are floating on a saline solution that makes up the tears in your eye. A saline solution will have a lower freezing temperature that liquid water. Plus, you body will produce enough heat to keep it f rom freezing. Plus. You can close your eyes and warn them up to prevent then from getting too cold and dry.

Only if you carry them in your handbag, they'll be fine if they stay in your eyes or are carried in their case in your shirt pocket under your jacket.