Contact lenses feel uncomfortable?


Ok, so i've been wearing contact lenses for 5 years now and they have't been may problems, except for minor eye infections. But for a couple of days now, when I put my contact lenses in, they've been feeling uncomfortable and feels like there's something in my eye. So I got a new pair of lenses out and tried with them, and they also feel uncomfortable. Not sure whyy. Please can someone help me and tell me why. :(

Added (1). Btw I don't have an eye infection now.

It might be the contact brand itself. You might have to get softer lenses for your eyes. Mention it to your eye doctor and they should be able to recommond something

Hmm, do you have a pair of backup glasses? Try just wearing those for a week and then try your contact lenses out again. You might have developed minor keratitis. It's common amongst contact lens wearers no matter how long you've worn them before and happens when you overuse a pair of lenses or if they're not cleaned before you put them in.
But if the discomfort worsens or stays for a longer period of time, you should still go see an eye doctor. Good luck!

The Cons of wearing contact lenses is that they deprived your eyes with a good amount of oxygen. That is why doctors would recommend you to wear your contact lenses for NOT more than 10 hours a day. The lesser the better.

What you are experiencing could be corneal swelling or abrasion. This is common for long time wearer and to people who overuse contacts. The usual symptoms is one or more of the following, redness, irritation, sensitivity to light, cloudiness in vision, permanent dry eyes, worst case scenario is to develop irregular astigmatism.

You need to stop wearing contacts for a while, like a week or month.

You may use products like Aquify if your eyes feel dry.