Contact lens expiration date?

I wear contact lenses good for 2 weeks (oasis/opti-free). I'm just confused as to whether they mean 2 weeks from the time the packets have been opened or 2 weeks worth of actual wears?

I have a packet I opened (now in ther case), like, over a month ago but I haven't worn them during this time…


The lens materials will be okay as long as they were kept in sterile solution between wears. This doesn't always mean that the surface of the lens (which is often treated with rewetting agents) will maintain as well over time. If you have worn lenses for an extended period of time, you probably know the feeling that you get when the lenses are too old (gritty feeling, cloudy/filmy, irritating). Just try them but keep a new set and/or your backup glasses handy in case they need to be thrown out.

14 wears or 14 times on your eye…

not 14 days since the day you open the package

I guess as long the lenses are sterile.