Contact cut my eye what to do? - 1

I had a nick in my contact lens it cut the top of my eye behind my eye lid over 24 hours ago. I am very sensitive to light at the moment. The eye is the fastest thing on the body to heal but it feels exactly the same as when it first got cut. My eye lid is swollen, it was much worse this morning i have kept a frozen rag in it constantly all day. The swelling is down a bit and I am unable to put new contacts in for fear it will bleed, I am wearing glasses until it heals.
How long will it take to heal?
How can i nurse it back?
Will any thing become of it?

Lacra-lube… It's a thick almost Vaseline type eye gel. And if it's a corneal abrasion that does not get better and you keep having sensitivity to light in 48 hours see an eye doctor. Stop using the ice, it slows down the healing process.