Where can i buy colored lenses from Cairo?

My friend and I are looking to buy colored lenses in Cairo. He wants yellow, and i want red. Its not for weak eye sight, its just for a Halloween dance we are going to. Does anyone know where we can buy them from and their costs. My friend found brown ones for 120 but that's a bit off considering that my costume costs 120!

thank you

Added (1). I contacted magrabi, before i asked this question (think i shouldve mentioned it) they gave me a price of 250 and not even the colors i need!

If you go to an opticians, they should have the facilities to create them for you by staining the lenses

2 places you can find in surely Magrabi Eye Hospital Or a big mall like Genena or city max but try 1st option firstly.

Aren't you the same guy who asked about the costumes?

Going to maghrabi will be the best option. At least you know that they are reliable and clean

Lense Club. They deliver right to your door, but I'm not sure if they have the colors you want. You won't find those colors here in Egypt, most of those colors even in America are not sold by local lenses stores their usually bought at stores for decorations and stuff. I know they have gray and purple. Probably weirdest colors available but you can try with them see if they have red or yellow t