Is this Elizabeth Taylor's real eye color? (pic inside)? - 1


Look at her eyes! Is that her natural eye color? I always hear that she has a pair of violet eyes but I always thought it was just a rumor or perhaps she likes to wear violet-colored contact lenses. I never actually believe it coz I never think that violet eye color truly exists. Do you think the violet/purple color of her eyes in that pic is real? Or do you think she wore contact lenses? Or perhaps the picture is photoshopped?

Speaking of which, do you think violet eye color truly exists? I'm not talking about violet as in due to light refraction or a variant of blue, but a real solid violet/purple color. Could there be such a color for human's eyes? The wikipedia article on "Eye color" also mentions about violet eye color but there are no sufficient details nor are there pictures.

p.s: I'm talking about natural eye color of course, NOT contact lens LOL. Oh and for those of you who say that violet eye color DOES exist, could you please provide me with your source or pictures? Thanx!

Added (1). Here's another picture of Liz Taylor (she looks kinda old here, perhaps this was taken on her late age): image

Do you think her eyes appear violet/purple to you?

Yes, Liz Taylor is famous for having violet eyes.

They look enhanced to me.


i am related to her by marriage… Roll on inheritance! :D

Her violet eyes are one of her most famous features, yes they are natural

Well if you go here-

It says about her trade mark= Violet eyes

So they could be her real color.

I think that photo you enclosed has been digitally enhanced, not colored contacts. (I'm pretty sure colored contacts didn't exist yet back then, but I could be wrong - don't quote me on that.) However… Ol' Lizzie's eyes are more of a blueish hue than the violet of which you ask. Very pretty, but… Not a true purple like you're looking for. As for if the color really exists or not as an eye color? I highly, highly doubt it.

I think Delta Burke's eyes (pink shirt, middle right) are also more violet than anything. She was on Designing Women, you can google her, or go to also to see pictures of her.
My eyes are blue but in certain lights and if I wear purple eyeshadow or a purple shirt they look violet, but they are narturally, without makeup (no contacts!) blue.
I'm pretty sure her eyes are naturally violet (which IS a blue color, but a rarer blue that in certain lights; etc, appear to have a purple quality; like they are TOO pretty to be simply refered to as JUST blue.
But that particular picture looks somewhat enhanced, but not altered, I hope you know what I mean.

Another, small, but clear and obviously unaltered in anyway photo.

Another actress famous for her eyes (though they are not violet but I thought you might be interested anyway) is Meg Foster, this is her image playing some crazy ailen thing with no contacts, and this is her more normal looking, image and another from when she was young, image

Hope I helped!

She really does have violet eyes. They appear more violet in some movies than others due to the colorization of the film, not from contact lenses.

I think that the first pic has been enhanced. However, she really does have violet eyes.


Lis Taylor eyes are fortunate mix between blue and red (albino) eyes, i.e. Her eyes are mostly blue with many small transparent points, and blood is visible through transparent areas, so it gives purple colour from distance. She has another rare mutation - double rows of eyelashes.

My aunt had violet eyes. Mine are green. I get asked if contacts once in a while & go with it. Tho my hair is gray & straight, classmates @ 35 the reunion knew by my olive green eyes. Lol!