Eye sight in left eye gone bad over night! Why?

I accidentally slept all night with my contact lenses in and woke up with a bad pain in my left eye, it then swelled up and eye lid went a blue colour, i put some antibiotics in and has gotten a lot better after a few days but now i notice the sight has deteriorated in my left(bad) eye. Does anyone know a reason why this has happened or anyway to get my sight back to how it was?

It should be temporary, due to either a slight trauma to the sclera or a minor infection. Use a new, fresh dose of eye drops to reduce the swelling and inflammation/irritation, see a doc if there's a problem in 5 - 7 days.

Are people afraid of the doctor or just lazy? This is your eyesight and you put in antibiotics that you may or may not know are appropriate for your use. Go to the eye doctor to make sure you didn't damage the eye, or put your contacts back in too soon and cause further damage. It is likely that you had some corneal edema, swelling of the cornea due to lack of oxygen and your vision can be cloudy because of it. I apologize if I sound abrasive, but when it comes to certain things, going to the doctor seems like a no brainer. Many can speculate what your problem could be, but there is no substitute for someone actually being able to examine your eye to diagnose the issue.

Imediately go for ophthalmic examination might be your cornea partly gone heasy due to dryness or your may your contactlences have some depositations on it, but dont delayed get you r eyes examin by some expert.