Does freshlook have hazel-green contacts rihanna's type?

I absolutely love rihanna's contacts because i know they would fit me.i'm into the color that would blend with my skin and look real. I think grey too, cos my grandma eyes like that.
p.s i have brow eyes and dark brown hair.
please answer the question and if freshlook doesn't have that color, oh, i just remembered. The color from the umbrella video. That color.umbrella video contact lens… As i was saying, if freshlook doesn't have it please tell me who does. And they're going to be prescription contact because i already use glasses. I've very happy with myself and my body.

You can't get colored contacts with perscrption, sorry

You can go to and you can upload a pic and try on contacts. Also the website has hazel green but i think you should also try jade green. You can go 2 wal-mart cuz dats where i get my contacts from.tell me how it goes:)