Contact lenses for high minus power?

My sister is in her early 20s but due to some previous health problem her eye sight is very weak, i think that her number is around -8 but when she got an eye check-up last week, she asked her doctor that whether she can wear contact lenses or not.
Doctor cleared her that yes she can wear them, even everyday for few hrs.

So my question is that, what are the different types of contact lenses are there in market for people having bad eye-sight.
which can make eyes look more appealing.
please help with your suggestions n advices
thank you in advance.

Added (1). Thank you Brian but i also want to know, about color n different-2 lenses, which can serve as a beauty accessory too due to its style or color or design, etc.

You need to get fitted for contact lens, it's also based on your eye's curvature. There are daily, weekly or annual lens and soft or hard lens. It just means you change your lens every day, weekly or annually. And some of them can be worn to sleep, like the daily. Although most people would recommend taking them off and put it in a case with some saline solution before bed. Obviously, she would also need a pair of regular eye glasses.

Don't get too hung up between between daily, weekly, etc. It's all about comfort and fit.

Last tip: I wear my weekly lens for months. I do take them out every night though. I have two pairs, which I alternate every day.

Minus 8 myopia is not all that unusual nor does it present problems with contacts. Since the lenses are really not noticeable they have no effect on appearance. Her doctor is the best judge of which lens is best for her. My personal advice is never to sleep with them in, and it's not a good idea to wear them swimming. Colored lenses sound good, but if they're colored enough to show they significantly reduce the amount of oxygen available to the cornea creating a risk for corneal ulcers.

As the other contributor has said to get contact lenses you need to get a contact fitting. At that they check the sort of lens which is good for you and make sure it fits, they also give trials. It is VERY dangerous to wear a contacts without having had a proper fitting. You may end up with lenses which dont' work and worse still you can damage your vision.

It is also a very bad idea to wear lenses for longer than stated. The other contributor may do this but in the long run that can lead to oxygen deprivation and permanently damage the eye. That is not a tip - its a way to damage your eyesight.