Why do orbs appear in my photographs?

Sometimes when I take pictures strange, white circles show up in the photographs. This is mostly when I take photos in a dark setting. What causes this? (Dust on the lens? Light reflecting off of dust or something?)

Added (1). Has happened with both film and digital

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Haven't you wathced Ghost Hunterts/TAPS on the Sci Fi Channel? Orbs are caused by light reflecting off of dust particles. Clean your lense and see if it gets better.

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I'm not absolutely sure but I would think some possible causes might be that you bought film that was old and near or past it's expiration date, left it undeveloped to long or another cause might be moisture on the inside of the camera itself. If it's a digital camera I would lean more towards the moisture.

The dark setting usually has a long shutter exposure. Meaning that the "click" is longer than usual. This allows more light to be exposed to the film or digital sensor. This makes a dragged light effect i.e. Traffic shots. (kinda like this, ).

That effect mixed with a flash can produce orbs. Orbs can pop up in rain, snow, dusty areas. Dust in the camera, lens, or even the digital sensor. You can go to your local photo retailer to help you or contact the manufacturer.

If you have a digital camera, and the orbs don't move, it is probably dust on the sensor. If you are taking flash photos at night it is probably just insects. Take the pictures to a camera shop where someone is knowledgeable. They will tell you for sure!

It's dust either on the lens or floating in the air just in front of the camera. If your lens is dirty, clean it. But there's not much you can do about the dust in the air.

If there is a bright light near where you are taking the picture, say a streetlight, it is possible that it is causing some lens flaring, which can cause the circles or rings to appear.

This page has some information about lens flares during night time photography.


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