Why are my contacts getting hazy?

I just got contacts, on a Tuesday. Tuesday all day they were fine, but then Weds they got all hazy. I cleaned them, but it didn't help and I ended up having to take them out and lost them. Got a new set that day, and they were fine for the rest of that day. Thursday they were fine all day. Didn't wear them Friday, wore them for just a few hours on Saturday and they got hazy again! I cleaned them, but then half an hour later they were foggy. When I look at my eye when they are fine, the lens is shiny and normal looking. When they start getting cloudy, and look at them it's like they are fine and then dry out real fast right after I blink. I'm using the eye drops the dr gave me several times a day and I'm VERY careful about washing them and my hands when I handle them. What is going on? I really want to be able to wear them, I'm so tired of glasses. It seemed like both new pairs were only good for one day.
The packaging says: Acuvue Advance with Hydraclear.
I'm annoyed, the place I went is only open on Tuesdays so I wasn't able to talk to the dr. I go back tomorrow, but would like some advice on maybe a better brand? Or really any info that could help!

Added (1). I was told to look at them before putting them on, and several years ago I used to wear them for a little while. They look like a nice rounded bowl when I have them on my finger tip correctly, vs a bowl with the edges fluted out a little if they are wrong.
I use the stuff the dr gave me to clean them, called Revitalens.
When I clean them, I go in short up/down and side/side movements as the packaging said that small circles was wrong and wouldn't get them all clean, but I do a little bit of that too. They do soak a min.of the 6 hours each night and I do my hair and make up first so no cosmetic products get near my eyes. They pop in pretty easy, I make sure they don't touch any skin that isn't cleaned when they go in too.

Added (2). The first day was for about 6 hours, then one hour the next before they started getting hazy. I don't sleep in them, it scares me almost to death thinking of the bad things that could happen if I don't take care of them or if I treat them wrong!
I got them from the JCPenny optometrist, and when I needed the second set they were good about getting them to me. I'm going to put them in in a little bit to see how they do today… I just wonder if I was given the kind that are only good for one day. I should have asked when I got them, so my fault for assuming they would last longer with out asking. Figured if they wanted me to have only one pair to last a week that they would give me a pair that were supposed to last that long lol

How long are you wearing them for? Overwearing might create the problem. Are you getting the lenses inside out or in the wrong eyes accidentally? That is incredibly easy to do especially when you are new to lenses. I use Accuvue advance and I have to say that in 40 odd years of wearing lenses they are the best I've ever had, so its not that you have a bad brand. What is a good brand fro one person is not for another, but I couldn't believe how good these were when I got mine. ( Not paid by Accuvue honestly). Perhaps your technique cleaning them isn't correct in some way? What solution are you using for cleaning? There could be a problem with that.

What you are describing is like a fit problem, but then you'd expect them always to be bad. That indicates inside out or wrong eye to me.

Having somewhere only open on Tuesdays isn't a good idea if you wear lenses as you may sometimes need fast service, but as you've had them fitted there you need to go back. They shold sort this issue out for you if what I've said isn't the cause.

Acuvue Advance have been one of the poorest performers for me. Still, it is unusual for your vision to get hazy so quickly. You should ask your doctor to try just about any other contact and expect better performance. If the new lens does this as well, you may need to wear daily disposables.