Where can i buy korean circle contact lenses in stores?

I dont want to buy them online. Do they sell them in korea town here in los angeles?
does anyone know where?
thank you.

According the the L. A. Times, it's illegal in the US To sell any kind of contact lens without a prescription. So circle lenses can't be bought over the counter. Http://articles.latimes.com/2011/jan/19/news/la-heb-circle-eyes-20110119

One reason for this is that you can hurt your eye with contacts if you aren't careful. Those who wear them strictly for decorative purposes often sleep in them or fail to disinfect them overnight, which can lead to infections. Ill-fitting lenses can also scratch your eye.

However, if you are determined to risk it, you can easily buy them online from a number of different websites, such as lenscircle.com ot pinkyparadise.com. If you do, though, be sure to do research on how to care for contacts, limit how long you wear them, and be vigilant about disinfecting them.