My contacts fell out of my eye!

So it was about 10:00PM and I was on my computer. My contacts are usable for 14 days and I was wearing my contacts for about 12 hours. I blinked and I had a weird feeling in my eye and it turned out that my contact fell out of my eye. When I touched it, it felt really dry and it was a weird shape like an oval and not a normal circle shape. I was surprised because this has happened before at school, but I think I accidently wore the contacts for longer than 14 days, but these contacts were brand-new and I opened them yesterday morning. I put them in my contact lens case in fresh solution. But what do I do? Should I throw them out? Or can I still wear them?

Try getting a different brand of contacts those are obvi crappy ones…

I'm sure you know how you lift up your eyelid and move your eyes around to try to find it? Usually I see it peaking out because mine are colored. If yours are clear might be more difficult. Mine came out in my sleep. I woke up with an uncomfortable feeling and as soon as I openned my eye it fell out. I also once slept in them and had them both crack in many pieces. Took about 48 hours for all of the pieces to come out. I would NEVER sleep in them again. If it does not come out soon, I would really seak a doctor's help.
Good luck to you!